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About us

It’s a LE BIG world

LE BIG loves to dress girls up from head-to-toe. Fun hair accessories and glittery boots, fashion classics and trendy items, we love to combine it all! Beautiful fabrics excite us, as do prints, embroidery, colors and sparkle. You can spend hours mixing and matching the right ingredients to create your own unique style.

To all the girls

We encourage girls all over the world to be themselves. Have fun and don’t take life too serious. Enjoy your childhood because growing up happens really fast.
Be bold, silly, strong, confident and independent. If every girl could eventually be the woman she always dreamed of, we’re happy.

Love from Amsterdam -xxx-

Created in Amsterdam, with a passion for color and sparkle, LE BIG has been going strong since 1977. All around the world, from North America to South Korea, Europe and the Middle East, LE BIG’s distinctive style appeals to many girls. LE BIG is sold in over 500 cosmopolitan boutiques and leading department stores in 15 countries.