The LE BIG holiday packing list!

OH HAPPY day, it’s time for VACAY! Vacation has started girls, are you excited?! We definitely are! And we can’t wait to make all those new memories this Summer. Are you going on holiday? Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a lake, the mountains, or a city… choosing the right outfit will ensure you that you’re confident and comfortable wherever you and your family are going! We would love to hear about all your stories, but before that you need to make sure you take everything with you! Your toothbrush, sandals, bags, clothes…. So much you can forget! That’s why we are going to help you a little bit with our LE BIG holiday packing list! So grab your suitcase and be sure you pack everything from our list! It would be a shame if you can’t wear your favourite dress… right? Well let’s go!


Let’s start with your way to the airport. Or maybe you are going on a road trip? It doesn’t matter how you travel, but what you wear while you’re traveling! No tight jeans or itching sweaters. We want comfort! And we have found the perfect match for you! Our SWEAT SHORT and SWEAT TOP is perfect for traveling and has a great fit!



When you arrive at your destination I will bet you want to jump in the water as soon as you can! Your SWIMWEAR is your biggest friend on your holiday and probably the most important item for in your suitcase. You won’t be able to stay away from the water with our sunny, playful MUST-HAVE swimwear. Take a look at our NOELLE BIKINI, how fancy! I know for sure your tan is going to stand out with these bright colours! And I have better news, we also have a SWIMSUIT in this print! It’s a great option to wear on your holiday, but you can’t leave with only one bikini… Luckily we have a lot more to choose from! Designed for all your splashing, sand building and swimming needs, you will love the comfy, two-way fabric, easy to pull-on-and-off designs and sporty styling. Take a look at our ONLINE SHOP for all our swimwear items, now with discount!

When you are walking to the beach it is nice to wear something over you bikini. Easy to pull on and off and OH SO CUTE! Our KAFTAN can’t be missing on our LE BIG packing list. Believe me, you will live in this look! Style your bikini and kaftan with our NOX-SANDALS and you are ready for a lovely day at the beach.



Okay, swimwear CHECK! We have our comfy look and our beach look crossed off. What else do we need? Let’s start with your daily look. What are you going to wear if you are going on a tour? Or maybe on a shopping day? Or when you’re exploring the country? We have A LOT of different styles for you, but SHORTS and T-SHIRTS are always a good idea. I would advise you to bring at least four t-shirts and shorts in your suitcase. It is so easy to wear and a MUST-HAVE for your holiday.

Also If you love being active outdoors, this style is perfect for you! Combine some plain or patterned shorts with a matching tee or tank along with a pair of SNEAKERS and you will be ready to hike, bike, climb and any other outdoor activity in style!


Keep in mind the days will be hot and the nights will be warm, so lighter colours and lightweight fabrics that would help to keep you cool. At night, a cute skirt and top is perfect for casual dining. So don’t forget to bring your SKIRTS with you! Combine it with some cute TOPS and you are ready to go. The easy thing about this look is that you always can wear a CARDIGAN when it’s getting a little chilly outside. So put also one of these in your suitcase!

And then… of course! I almost forgot our DRESSES! These one-pieces are items you will wear the whole summer long. One? Two? Or maybe three? Take as much with you as you can! Dresses are going to be the items you will wear the most these days, believe me 😉


Last but not least, your party look! It is always nice to bring one special outfit with you. One outfit that would amaze everyone when you walk in! Our favourite PARTY LOOK are filled with dreamy golds, lovely embroidery and glitter to give you that luxurious feel. Shop your favourite party wear now with discount and make some fun memories in your amazing outfit!

Wherever you are headed, we wish you a great time! Make sure you have everything in your suitcase and there is nothing that could go wrong. Enjoy every little moment and make some fun while you’re on holiday!

With love from Amsterdam,




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